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I provide into professional but personal service. I cover most types of photography, the list below is not exhaustive. If you have any questions please contact me.


  • Each shot is different so don´t hesitate to contact me to get inquires. The time frame can be flexible as I primarily want to make them unique.

  • The customer chooses photos from the photo shoot unless it is a package. Images are then submitted in web and print resolution in a online gallery.

  • You can have the photo taken at home, outdoors or in the studio.

  • Pictures are usually returned 2-10 weeks after the selection. Can extend depending on the size of the photoshoot and how busy the season is.

  • Additional photo costs ISK 3,500.

Pregnancy photos, baby photos, confirmations, family photos, and more.

From 30.000 ISK

The photoshoot alone costs from 30,000 ISK. Evaluate each time according to the type and size of the photo shoot. Each picture costs 3500 ISK

The number of pictures is up to you

Bigger photoshoots

From 50.000 ISK

If you are thinking about a photoshoot for events, weddings, elopements, proposal or a bigger package please contact me and I will make you a deal.

Be in touch if you want to book a photo shoot or if there are any questions ❤

Thanks for submitting!

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