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All copyright to photographs is owned by photographer Rakel Rún.

Copyright Act no. 73/1972.

According to the law, the delivery of photographs to the customer does not constitute a transfer of copyright, nor does it authorize the modification of photographs.

Photo use

It is not permitted to use the images for advertising and marketing or other publication unless this is specifically agreed upon.

The photographer has the right to publish the photographs on his social media, unless there are special wishes.

It is not allowed to change the photos in any way, for example add a "filter" or other similar editing without the consent of the photographer.

It is not allowed to take photos from photographer's pages for use without permission.

A customer selects images from a selection for a photographer to process. A photographer does not release raw images.

When posting photos on social media, it is preferable to mention the photographer's name in the text (@mention) and tag the photo with the photographer's page.

Payment and delivery

Photographs from a photo shoot are not delivered until full payment has been received.

Photos are usually returned 2-10 weeks after selection and payment. The time is determined by the nature of the shoot and the workload.

The price list is subject to change without notice. When the booking is confirmed, the published photographer's price applies.


The photographer keeps processed photographs for five years from the date of shooting for the safety of the client. After that time, the retention of the photographer is entirely the responsibility of the client.


When hiring a photographer, the customer accepts the photography, image processing, publication and other work of the photographer in accordance with these terms, cf. Act on Personal Protection and Processing of Personal Information No. 90/2018.

If no comments about these terms are received within a week after the delivery of the images, the customer is deemed to have accepted them.

Violations of the photographer's copyright and these terms are subject to copyright law, and the photographer reserves all rights for such violations.

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