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Rakel Rún Garðarsdóttir

is a professional freelance photographer.
Rakel completed a photography degree from the Technical School in Iceland.

She has always been passionate about capturing the beauty of Icelandic nature and its unique details. She likes to combine portraits and Icelandic landscape in her work to create moody and meaningful photographs.

For her, photography is not just a job, it's also a way to recharge her batteries and find inspiration in the nature around us.
Her goal while capturing visual art and storytelling photographs is in the end all about connections, emotions, experience and following the things that she enjoys. 



Do you need a photographer? I would really like that we could work as a team together to create something. I'm located in Reykjavík and am ready to travel if you need me to be somewhere else.

I´m currently working freelance work for both individuals and companies.

I worked for Icelandic magazines, "Gestgjafinn", "Hús&Híbýli" & Vikan.

All my photographs are available for printing.


Rakel Rún Photography

Be in touch if you want to create something special or if there are any questions ❤

Thanks for submitting!

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