Rakel Rún Garðarsdóttir

I'm an artist / photographer born and raised in Iceland. Trying to follow my passion and do what I enjoy, capturing art in Icelandic nature and around me.  


I completed a photography degree from The technical school of Reykjavík in the spring of 2020.


Photography style and thoughts

I think visual art is the right description for my photography style. Minimal and abstract art is one of my favorites. Maybe it has a little to do with my minimal lifestyle.

Art photography is in my opinion mostly about the feeling the photographer has ​captured, and what feeling it gives to the viewer. 

Know me better

I was raised in a really small town named Hvammstangi, which has the population of around 500. 

I guess that being able to walk up one hill to be in the nature with my Icelandic horses, has a little to do with how my photography is today.