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Rakel Rún Garðarsdóttir

I'm an artist / photographer born and raised in Iceland, currently living in Reykjavík.
Trying to follow my passion and do what I enjoy, capturing art in Icelandic nature and around me. 


I completed a photography degree from The technical school of Reykjavík in the spring of 2020.


Photography style and thoughts

I think visual art is the right description for my photography style. Minimal and abstract art is one of my favorites. Maybe it has a little to do with my minimal lifestyle.

Art photography is in my opinion mostly about the feeling the photographer has ​captured, and what feeling it gives to the viewer. 


All my photographs are available for printing though there are only few of them in my print store. I do my own projects and currently working freelance work for the Icelandic magazines, "Gestgjafinn", "Hús&Híbýli" & Vikan.


Know me better

I was raised in a really small town named Hvammstangi, which has the population of around 500. 

I guess that being able to walk up one hill to be in the nature with my Icelandic horses, has a little to do with how my photography is today. Almost all of my creative thinking begin while I'm enjoying being in the Icelandic nature.



Be in touch if you want to create something special or if there are any questions ❤

Thanks for submitting!

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