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Rakel Rún Garðarsdóttir

I'm a professional freelance photographer born and raised in Iceland, currently living in Reykjavík.
Trying to follow my passion and do what I enjoy. 


I completed a photography degree from "The technical school of Reykjavík" in the spring of 2020. 

Journeyman License 2022


Do you need a photographer? I would really like that we could work as a team together to create something.

I´m currently working freelance work for both individuals and companies.

I worked for Icelandic magazines, "Gestgjafinn", "Hús&Híbýli" & Vikan.

All my photographs are available for printing.

Know me better

I was raised in a really small town named Hvammstangi, which has the population of around 500. 

I love nature, coffee, plants and photography. And can I tell ya something? I LOVE what I do.


Rakel Rún Photography

Be in touch if you want to create something special or if there are any questions ❤

Thanks for submitting!

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