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Secret proposal photoshoot in Iceland

New married couple holding hands

Planning your secret proposal photoshoot in Iceland.

Marriage proposals are a big deal, you´re about to pop the question to the love of your life.

Of course you want it to be special and capture the moment. Now that you have picked out the perfect ring, been thinking about the location and how you want to do this . . let´s think about the photography side. I´m going to share some information that might help you plan your moment.

Book a regular session

The first option is to plan a regular couples session with your partner. I recommend it if you think your partner would be excited to get photos of you two together. This option tends to be the easiest because you will both be picture ready and your partner might also plan with you the location. Overall there is less stress and most of the time it makes the partner less suspicious.

For example it might be hard to explain that you need to be on a exact spot at specific time if your partner really wants to change things on the way. Also many women would like to look good for a photoshoot and you would need to have a reason for them to dress up, for example that you were going out for dinner. But that doesn't always work, if you are on the country side, on the road for example. This option is perfect for people who want to propose in a more private location.

Couple holding hands.

Blend in with the crowd

If you or your partner are not typically into taking photos together and you think planning a couple session might give your partner idea of what´s to come, you might think of this option.

This is where your photographer will blend in with a crowd and pretend to be a tourist with a camera on the location. This option can work well for popular locations if you are willing to pop the question with people around.

If you decide on this option then you need to let your photographer know the exact time and location where you are going to propose. If something changes you might need to update your photographer.

I think most people would like feel confident and look good both for the proposal photos and the couple photos afterwards. So you might need to tell your significant other that you are going to a concert, theatre, or some nice dinner, so it´s not suspicious when you encourage them to dress up.

You will need to make sure that the photographer will be able to recognize you. It is a good idea to let him know what you are wearing that moment and share photos of you and your significant other.

Hide and seek

The last option I'm going to share with you can be tricky if you or your photographer don´t know the location well. I don't highly recommend this one but it is possible with more planning then the other two. There needs to be a good hiding place on the location with a good point of view if you are going to pop the question on a private location. It could be tricky to go on a spot that is totally private and for some reason there is a photographer there. Could give your partner idea of what's to come before you pop the question.

Proposal under the northern lights

Hire a photographer to capture your surprise proposal under the northern lights sounds incredible, right? This is my most popular request for a proposal photoshoot and the trickiest one, because of obvious reasons, the northern lights are so unpredictable. The photographer can´t guarantee that there will be northern lights at the right time and place, though there are no clouds and the northern light forecast looks fine. So I always recommend that you do this on a daytime.

So this is something you dream of doing I would recommend going on a private trip, drive out off the city with a photographer and plan a photoshoot under the northern lights. But like I said there is no guarantee that you will see the northern lights so you would need to have a plan B.

Other tips for your secret proposal photoshoot in Iceland

  • The exact time - Make sure that the photographer will know the exact timing when you are going down on you knee. Plan with your photographer if you are going to give a sign or what works best for you.

  • Take it slow - It´s totally normal to be nervous, but try not to rush trough the proposal. Take your time, enjoy this moment and prepare what you want to say to your loved one. This allows your photographer to capture as many photos as possible.

  • Remember - Focus on your loved one, the proposal is about your special moment together and the photos are just a bonus. Do your best to be fully present, don´t worry about the photographer and try to avoid looking in the camera. Take your time, hug and kiss, talk about what just happened and then after you can introduce yourself to the photographer.


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